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I am Ashley and I am saved by grace. Period.

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From homeschooling to homemaking to blogging, being a wife, a mother, and

a daughter of Christ, I fail constantly. Despite my best laid plans and efforts, I make

mistakes daily. BUT by God’s grace alone I can get back up and try again. By God’s grace

alone I experience success in spite of my best laid plans and efforts. In my life here on this Earth

and in my life to come, I. AM. SAVED. BY. GRACE. Period.


My friend, you too are saved by grace! No matter how much of a failure you might feel like, no matter how many times you have to apologize to your kids for losing your temper (again), no matter how frequently you slip out of the habit of spending time with Jesus, you are still saved by His grace alone. My hope is that you will come to understand this saving grace and the freedom it brings, just as I have.


As you are doing this juggling act of homeschooling, homemaking, and trying to have a deeper relationship with God I am here to provide you with ideas and resources to help you live successfully while surrendered to God. I’m talking about the kind of success where you can lay your head down on your pillow at night with a sense of peace and accomplishment knowing that your day, perhaps not perfect, was still a success because it was led by God. To know a little more about this idea of living success, surrendered to God, click over to my blog post entitled, “God’s Solution to Overwhelm, Exhaustion, and Hopelessness”.


Here at Saved By Grace Homeschool Mom the road hasn’t been easy and I know yours isn’t either. If you are looking for homeschool and homemaking perfection, exit now! But if you are looking for honest transparency about the struggles (and how to overcome them!) of homeschooling, homemaking, and having a relationship with God, keep reading! I know your time is limited and I promise that this is not another homeschool mom diary. Each post, each resources, each activity will be to the point and have a clear connection to my desire of living success, surrendered to God.

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