Do you desire more for next school year? More meaningful learning? More fun? More stress? 

I'm sure you answered yes, yes, yes, and NO!!! I have yet to meet a mom that wants more stress in her life :)

If you are like me, you've barely dipped your toes into summer and are...

Organization doesn't have to be hard or cost a ton of money. I turned my chaotic homeschool room into an organized learning environment by implementing these three easy solutions. I promise they don't cost a lot and don't take hours to complete!

When you tell a bunch of kids that it's time to read poetry, it isn't always met with shouts of joy! In fact, it's often met with sighs and groans. But not in my house! In my house when it's time to read poetry that means it's poetry teatime! This o...

Using the "no poo" method DOES NOT mean sacrificing beautiful, clean hair. In fact, you will likely find your hair to be even softer, shinier, and full of body using just two simple ingredients to cleanse your hair weekly.

After years of wanting to eliminate shampoo and conditioner from my life, I finally did it! I know you can too with these three simple steps that take just three weeks.

Using food, and especially candy, can be a great way to engage your children in their learning. Costing less than five dollars and taking less than an hour to make, this Jello cell is a yummy way to help your children know and understand the parts of a Eukaryotic cell.

Plastic never goes away. It never decomposes. It is a growing threat to our environment and our health. Making the choice today to cut down on some of the plastic in your life is easier than you might think!

Are you overwhelmed and lacking the necessary time to plan and prep what you will teach your children each day? If you are looking for a comprehensive curriculum that involves minimal prep, is inexpensive, and is easy to use, look no further! Read on to find the soluti...

Not sure which math manipulatives to actually invest in? The reality is some are definitely more useful and versatile than others. There are six in particular that are super helpful to have on hand and will contribute to a smooth running homeschool math class.

Feeling excited and overwhelmed all at the same time about setting up your homeschool room? This should be a fun and exciting time! But sometimes our expectations or envy of others gets us feeling down. I have four simple tips to keep the excitement going and to keep y...

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