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Planning is key to successful homeschooling! There are SO many planners out there that it can become overwhelming to pick one. After trying several different types I discovered that simple is WAY BETTER! Sure, the fancy planners look nice and there are all those beautiful pages to fill in (with information you'll never use!). But after three years I discovered what information I actually used and needed, and this is what I have included in the planner. 


So what sets this planner apart from the rest? Time budgeting! The weekly planning pages are designed so you can change your schedule from day to day and set specific amounts of time per subject.


Here's the thing - no two days in my life are the same and I imagine they aren't in yours either! Time budgeting has been a productivity booster in my homeschool. Instead of planning to do a certain number of pages each day, which might take 30 minutes or it might take 60, I plan based on time. Math is an hour and we stop when an hour is up! In previous years I'd insist on getting the assignment done which meant we would miss doing the next subject because we ran out of time. With time budgeting, you will never run out of time again!


On the weekly planning pages simply write in the time you want to do a subject in the narrow vertical box, the subject in the narrow horizontal box, and the details for the subject in the bigger box. Don't worry, it will all make sense once you download this planner!  


I have discovered that I am cheap! I hate the added cost of printing in colour. My planner includes minimal colour. The pages that are only printed once a year have colour. The pages you print weekly for daily planning are in black and white. Although I loved the colour of other planners on my computer screen, I often ended up printing them in black and white anyway. 


When you are ready to print this planner, simply select double sided printing (flip on long edge), and go! I have included blank pages where necessary so you will end up with a planner ready to be hole punched and inserted into a binder. I like to use page dividers labeled according to the following sections:


  • Goals

  • Yearly Plan

  • Calendar

  • Weekly Plan 


Just a quick note on the yearly plan pages. I like to be able to see my entire year when I have my binder open without flipping pages. This is why the first page on the yearly plan is blank. If it doesn't quite make sense now, it will once you print! 


Lastly, the calendar pages are numberless. This is so you can reprint year after year without having to search out a new calendar with the correct numbers on the correct days. Simply write in the numbers and start filling up those days. They fill up fast!

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Please choose if you'd like your planner to have a 'Morning Worship' heading or a 'Morning Basket' heading. Both planners are identical except this one box!

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