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My Journey

Have you ever felt so stretched thin that you didn’t really care if you woke up the next day? Have you ever felt that you were trying to do one hundred things but not one of them was done well? This is how I felt three years ago. I was teaching full time at a great school, which I was extremely blessed to have gotten into. I had one kid in Kindergarten (at my school) and one at a home daycare. I had a self-employed husband that was working his butt off to grow his business so this meant that all house work fell on me. I was trying to do it all and felt that I was failing at it all. If I gave my best to my students, than my family suffered. If I gave my best to my family, than I felt ill prepared as a teacher. I couldn’t balance it. And then God whispered something to me that I never imagined. He told me that I only have one shot raising my kids. He told me that someone else can worry about teaching everyone else’s kids for now. He told me that I needed to teach my own children so they would learn more than reading, writing, and math. They needed to learn how to serve others. They needed to learn life skills that no school would ever teach them. And most importantly they needed to learn to love the Lord and follow His way. When God called me to homeschool He placed within me a desire so strong that I could not ignore it. So I talked to my husband. It was October. He got mad! Mad that I would even consider quitting such a great job after we had just bought a house. Mad that we wouldn’t have benefits anymore. Mad! So I dropped it. But God didn’t take the conviction from my heart. The conviction grew stronger and stronger. I would periodically bring it up to my husband, all the while praying. Praying that God would change his heart and help him to see the many benefits of homeschooling. But he didn’t seem to be coming around to the idea. Then came a day I will never forget. It was June. Eight months had gone by. We were sitting at our dining room table when out of the blue my husband said to me, “You know I’m starting to like the idea of you homeschooling the kids.” It felt like my heart leapt out of my chest! I tried to play it cool and asked my husband what changed his mind. He didn’t have a solid answer but I knew the answer – God had changed his heart. I can’t count how many thank you’s I said to God that day and in the days to follow. I didn’t quit my job immediately though. As I said, he was “starting to like the idea of homeschooling”, so I knew I needed to wait a little longer and keep praying. God was working but my husband wasn’t quite there yet. We were on holidays in British Columbia at the beginning of August. I woke up one morning with a new email account on my phone. My husband and I had discussed that if I homeschooled I could also help with invoicing for his company. The new email account on my phone was a business email that he set up for me while I was still asleep. I asked if this meant that I could quit my job and he said yes! Ten months had gone by since I first talked to my husband about homeschooling. As I write this I have a smile on my face because it brings me great joy to know that there is a God that loves me, wants what is best for me and my family, and answers my prayers from the depths of my heart. He loves you too! Jeremiah 29:11 – “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” What an amazing promise and reassurance from the Lord! This is not the end of my homeschooling journey, just the beginning. Isn’t it exciting?!?

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