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Do the Multiplication Wrap-Up!

Multiplication tables - you either love 'em or hate 'em! Do you have a little one that is working on multiplication memorization right now? When I had my daughter first try memorizing them at age 8, it was painful! She just wasn't ready so I decided not to push her. The next year we tried again. She was still challenged but it wasn't to the point of abundant frustration so I knew it was okay to move forward with memorization. But even for the children out there that love multiplication (not my daughter!), we can all agree that the more engaging we can make it, the better those tables are going to stick in the brain and the more fun it will be to learn them! Enter stage right: The Multiplication Wrap-Up!

The Multiplication Wrap-Up program makes memorization easy, fun, and engaging. You can order everything you need in a bundle (wrap-up key, CD, and workbook) that will have your child master his/her multiplication tables in just ten days! And the best part is that while your child is learning with the wrap up and CD, you will be free to work with another child (or take that shower you meant to have three hours ago!) because this is a SELF-CORRECTING system!

Here's how it works:

Your child will start with the 1x tables. These of course are fairly easy for a child to memorize if you explain the simple rule that any number multiplied by 1 is itself. The beauty of starting with the 1x tables though is that it will give your child the opportunity to get comfortable with the wrap-up before moving onto numbers that might be more difficult to memorize. There is a CD with a catchy multiplication "rap" for each number. Your child will play the CD while s/he wraps up the 1x tables. It is imperative that your child says the multiplication facts along with the CD "rap" as s/he wraps up the facts. Once complete, just flip the wrap-up over and the self-checking lines are printed right on the back of each key. If your child makes a mistake, the red rope will not cover the lines on the key properly. Now comes the workbook. Your child will do the wrap-up five times. There is a lovely little chart that your child can place a check mark, sticker, or stamp in to keep track. Then there are exercises for your child to complete. These you will have to mark but they aren't too long so it will only take you a minute or two. By this point your child will have these 1x tables completely mastered! My daughter found it fun to be timed. I would time her the first time she did the 1x table wrap-up and then time her again after all her practice was complete. Her time always decreased tremendously and she felt a huge sense of accomplishment! Voila! Day one - 1x tables mastered. Onto day 2...

Each day follows the exact same pattern so after day one your child will have a clear understanding of what will happen over the course of the next nine days. By the end of the tenth day, your child will have mastered the multiplication tables from 1-12. I assure you it will be painless for you and your child! Now before you say, "But don't we need day 11 and 12 for the 11 and 12 times tables?", the answer is no! Here's why: Each key has the facts from 1-12 on it. So the 1x table key has 1x1 all the way up to 1x12. So by the time you complete all ten keys, there are only three facts that your child hasn't learned - 11x11, 11x12, and 12x12. But don't worry because those three facts are addressed in the workbook.

One last note - the wrap-up system uses all the learning modalities - auditory, kinesthetic, visual, and tactile. When activating all four modalities learning becomes much more engaging and successful. I used this system during my last two years of teaching in a traditional grade 5 classroom and it brought success to 50+ students. I have now used it in my homeschool classroom with my own daughter in grade 4 and have had tremendous success once again! Don't make your child struggle with flashcards, math games, and countless workbook pages over the course of several weeks. Take ten days, have fun, engage your child's learning modalities, and watch multiplication mastery happen right before your eyes!

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