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Mommy, I want to go to school!

“Mommy, I want to go to school!” As homeschool families we all have different reasons why we chose to homeschool. Today, I want to encourage you to stop and reflect on the reasons you chose to homeschool. There may come a day when you hear those words from you child, “I want to go to school,” and I think it is highly important to know what you are going to say in that situation. My children have not said this to me as of yet, but I have friends that have faced this dilemma with their children. I have reflected on how I would respond though and this is what I would say:

“Mommy and daddy made the decision to homeschool because we believe it is best for you and our family. Perhaps one day we will decide that going to school is best for you and our family, but that time isn’t right now.”

If my child asked why we thought it was best I could give him or her several reasons! But really, I don’t think they need to know all the reasons. I believe they need to trust me and their father, just as we must trust our Heavenly Father even in times when we don’t fully understand or see the bigger picture.

I encourage you not to let your children dictate your reasons for homeschooling or not. If you have been convicted to homeschool, stay true to your convictions. There may be days that are incredibly difficult and overwhelming for your kids and yourself. But we must teach our children perseverance and remember, ‘This too shall pass’.

I am frequently asked, “How long will you homeschool for?” My answer is the same every time, “I don’t know! At the end of each year my husband and I reflect on how things are going and if homeschooling is still working for our family. If we get to a year that we decide homeschooling isn’t still working, than we will explore other options.” If I ever send my children to school, or in the case of my daughter back to school, I want it to be because my husband and I have reflected and prayed about it. I want it to be a God-led conviction, not the hounding of a child.

If you are currently in a decision process about school and would like me to pray for you please send me a message and I will earnestly pray for God’s guidance in your life.

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